Hear what our clients have to say:



“The team is coming together and it shows what can be accomplished with structure and accountability.”

- Matt Johnston, Visionary


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“EOS is making our meetings and days more effective.”

- Ted Schreyer, Owner | Integrator


“Joe didn’t allow us to ‘kick the can down the road’ and he modeled how we need to hold each other accountable.”

- Pete Braun, Visionary

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“EOS has helped us to dig deeper to get to the root cause of the issues at hand. It helps to keep things simple and allows us to make the harder decisions to get healthy. EOS has helped us save time and has created clarity in our organization”.

- Joe Bonnell, President | Visionary


"EOS has helped us know what we need to do in the next 7 days, 90 days, 1 year, 3 year and 10 years.

It has been a great experience, yes, a lot of work, but the results are worth it and the leadership team appreciates it."

- Ramon Hernandez, VP of Operations | Integrator 


“EOS provided us with the direction we needed to establish company goals both for the present and the future. A company-wide “accountability chart” empowers every employee by providing written expectations – for ALL employees. This collaboration promotes value from the production line to the management team. Everyone wins! The EOS process has definitely helped streamline our succession plan we have been pursuing.”

- Daryle Pomranke, President | Visionary


"We are setting up to transform our business for success with the tools you teach and coaching you provide."

- Daniel "Theo" Theobald, President | Visionary


"PBS/EOS has already made our organization more efficient and outcome-based. Joe does a great job of facilitating open group discussion. Our weekly Level 10 meetings have kept us on track and focused on the goals and deadlines we need to accomplish to be successful."

- Barb Kaus, President | Integrator


"You add value by giving us the guidance necessary to help facilitate the successful launch of EOS in our company. It's nice to get the outside feedback and support throughout our journey."

- Nick Wenner, VP of Operations | Integrator 


"EOS and Joe helped us to do what we could not do ourselves, and that is to bring CLARITY to all that we do, in every level of the business. The team functions better, we make better decisions, we are more efficient and we know where we are going. We have laid the groundwork that will provide a path for our operation for many years to come."

- Dr. Christopher Hart, President | Visionary